Strengthening the Black Village (SBV) Ffective Black Parenting Course Starts September 26, 2022

Wowzer! Our next parenting cohort starts in Two (2) days! I love building these communities, relationships, and villages to care for our children and parents.

We receive inspiration from African, biblical, and other cultural Proverbs, learn about different discipline methods, explore child development theories, provide support and love to one another, and so much more. We have and will continue to serve fathers, mothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, as well as mentors and other child caretakers.

Strengthening The Black Village – SBV seeks to preserve, strengthen, nurture and empower families and villages of care in all stages of healthy life, from dysfunctional to loving and warm and supportive. The population closest to my heart in which we seek to prioritize are those families system impacted, and court-mandated to take parenting classes. There’s no need to wait to get to that point, though.

One of our African proverbs

On the flyer below, there is a QR code to register and a QR code to donate if you wish to support our nonprofit. The classes are free with, as I said, donations and contributions welcome. Please also share/spread the word about SBV. Thank you!

Lord, be with us! Send those to us who need us and who need you.

#Register #Refer #RejoiceWithUs #StrengtheningTheBlackVillage #ItTakesAVillage

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