Strengthening the Black Village (SBV) Welcomes You!

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SBV Invitation!

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Greetings of peace and joy! We at Strengthening the Black Village (SBV) welcome you! We are “weaving together villages of care for the nourishment of the souls, bodies, and minds of our children.” 

A Taste of the Village: SBV’s Effective Black Parenting In A Nutshell Workshop

Thank you! to those who attended our A Taste Of The Village hosted at Bowen UMC on January 4, 2023. I was overjoyed to have couples and co-parents in the workshop. Regardless of our relationship status, our children still need us, and I was delighted to see#BlackAndBrownMen  in the room!

For those who now want a snapshot of Strengthening The Black Village Effective Black Parenting  training, we are one of the presenters at this year’s #BlackFamilySummit in Los Angeles. In short, we will condense 15 modules of training and nourishment into an hour and a half training, going over the highlights of the course, and leaving participants with concrete steps for nurturing the children in their care. While space is limited, it is open, and you are welcome to partake in the banquet of resources, workshops, and food. So much will be learned from  the other wonderful, magnetic, and life-changing speakers. Resources for our community are available(and increasing). We simply need to know where they are, when to reach out and when to refer others. Let’s #BeTheVillage God bless! Here’s to #FamiliesIn23.

Thank you, National Association of African-American Parents and Youth (NAAAPY) and Yolande Beckles, for inviting us and allowing us to present a workshop! #Spiritual #PERFUMES

Learn more and register by clicking the link, here, or the QR code on the flyer above:

Strengthening the Black Village (SBV)’s Effective Black Parenting Course

If you’re sure the course is for you, that flyer and registration information is below. Remember if you’ve been court mandated to take the parenting course, letters can be provided upon request. 

Strengthening the Black Village (SBV) Effective Black Parenting Cohort 3 begins on Monday, February 6, 2023 at 7 PM on ZOOM! To register, you can scan in the QR code at the bottom of the flyer image, or Register HERE! 

The below image is my son and I hosting a booth at Faith United Methodist Church, Los Angeles, community pop-up! It’s all about community and village.

I am Rev., Christy Ann Clark, Founder, and Executive Director of SBV. 

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